About The Nexus Journalist

The Nexus Journalist – An engineer with referenced opinions about creating sustainable livable cities

First of all, I am not a journalist. At least not the type of journalist who writes for an editor or news medium, but the type who keeps a journal. A journal of experiences, ideas or reflections. But not just my own (because that would be boring and you’re not here for that) – this is a site for sharing comments, and reaching across barriers of culture, values, socio-economics and beliefs. It is a place to talk sustainability, communities, water-food-energy-environment, and sometimes even policy and engineering.

Here at The Nexus Journalist, I will share with you some of the insights I’ve picked up during a fairly interesting and varied career. I’ve spent this mostly in the water industry, living in Australia and in the UK. For you, this means the experience of an engineer, project manager and qualified practicing water professional.

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We are fast approaching a time when two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas. I have a keen interest for issues relating to food production, secure energy, environmental stewardship, and water -related issues. I am passionate about inspiring people to be a part of social change. After all, if the devoted conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall believes that the actions of each and every person can contribute to saving us from the mess we got ourselves into – if she has hope – then we too, can hope.

What you can get from Nexus Sustainability

The Nexus Journalist writes for you, and Nexus Sustainability Consulting can work with you to plan and deliver sustainable projects.

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  • Technical reports,
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  • Brochures,
  • Review of engineering designs or reports,
  • Other written or numerical outputs.

I hope you engage with this site and with me so that we can foster a community of people who want to learn together and chip away at today’s social, environmental, economic and technological issues. Let’s create a future where natural environments like this gorgeous beach below (in Sydney, Australia – just a few minutes away from the city centre) are unpolluted, ecologically diverse, contribute sustainably to local economies, and are freely accessible to all.

Some last boring bits

No, I’m not a journalist, but I have spent my life writing for others. Somehow I ended up with two Masters degrees, a graduate diploma, and a successful career in the private sector.

I have a degree in Integrated Water Management. I am a Chartered member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. I am a lover of food, coffee, wine, travel, people, and outdoors recreation. Above all that, I am a mother and a wife. I am also a freelance writer and urban water consultant.

… If I can bring value to your project, or write some content for you, send me an email with your contact details for a free consultation and quote, and we can take it from there.